Games to play with your Mom

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Board games aren’t just for your nerdy group of friends, they’re also great for families. Espescially on Mothers Day. Sadly a lot of families grow apart after the kids move out, but there no better way to get back together than playing games. Here’s a list of a few of my Mom’s favorites.


Lords of Waterdeep

You can’t go wrong with the best worker placement game around. It’s a little more complex to learn but My family picked it up surprisingly fast. It has enough strategy and PVP elements to make it interesting, but it’s still friendly enough so that everyone will sill like each other when their done.


King of Tokyo


Another great PVP game with plenty of expansions to keep things fresh. You can fight against each other as giant monsters over control of Tokyo or just try to stay off everyones radar and roll for points.


Ticket to Ride


A very traditional style of board game that is fast to lean and easy to get into. It makes a last minute Mother’s Day gift.


No Regerts

I know this one sounds a little self serving, but it really is one of her favorites. My parents were part of one of our first play test groups and it has been a popular choice ever since. We even included a card that gives extra points when playing with your mom.

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