New secret project

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Just got a concept deck for a new project. It’s just a bunch of place holder art but it feels pretty strong. Gonna take it to my parents for Fathers Day for a trial run. Any one war to guess what it’s about?

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10 gifs that sum up board games

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1.¬†When you keep buying games, even though you don’t have any more room in your closet From giphy   2. Setting up From giphy   3. That one guy the needs every rule explained five times From giphy   4. When you need that one card From Popkey   5. When someone challenges you on

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Games to play with your Mom

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Board games aren’t just for your nerdy group of friends, they’re also great for families. Espescially on Mothers Day. Sadly a lot of families grow apart after the kids move out, but there no better way to get back together than playing games. Here’s a list of a few of my Mom’s favorites.   Lords

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